Saturday, December 26, 2009


Rating: 8/10

Of all the famous hollywood flicks - Godzilla, Jurassic Park, Anaconda and the like - that have potrayed some wierd and out of the ordinary creatures, virtually all depict them as the bad guys or the enemies that humans - the supposed good guys - have to fight. Avatar is an exception. The creatures are wierd alright but they certainly aren't the bad guys.

The movie takes you into the future to a time when man, in his insatiable quest for consumption and sense gratification, has left the earth bereft of all greenery. Still not having learnt a lesson, he's eager to plunder resources from another planet - Pandora - inhabited by creatures who lead a life in perfect harmony with nature. Towards accomplishing the sinister mission, human spies are planted by tele-porting them onto this other world through some sci-fi magic. The "spies" end up siding with Pandora in the war of the worlds. Finally, as you would expect in reel life, sanctity is restored.

The potrayal of the creatures and their land is quite enchanting and visually appealing. One must say that animation technology has really come a long way! But beyond all the captivating scenes and imagery is the message that the movie carries. Is the world listening? Failure isn't an option.


  1. They should've made it mandatory viewing at Copenhagen. ;-)

  2. Sadly, they still wouldn't have got it, I guess. The people of the world are united in their efforts to kill the earth!