Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prayaas - music album release

Wish you a very happy festival of lights!

Welcome to the Diwali music release of my first album titled Prayaas. The album comprises six purely instrumental music pieces composed and rendered on FruityLoops software. Each of these short compositions was made long back in 2005-06 during my halcyon days at Rourkela. For close to six years they lay hidden in an old hard disk. Not any longer. There isn't any general theme to the album except that each piece took some serious effort from a novice musician whose knowledge of music is next to null. Hence the name "Prayaas" that loosely translates to "a try". Each track is very different from the others in terms of the image it invokes in the mind. I hope at least a tune or two strikes a chord with you!

Here are the tracks:

1. Village trail - 3:32 - download mp3

2. Just rock it - 2:12 - download mp3

3. Dark waters - 1:15 - download mp3

4. Spooky old fortress - 2:31 - download mp3

5. Arabian beauty - 2:25 - download mp3

6. DJ Lapresh - 0:58 - download mp3

Any feedback from the audience is most welcome :)


  1. Hi! i listen the first one 4 times(when I'm writing this). Its really refreshing my memory about the Himachal pradesh scout camp. There I listen almost same sort of music the local group played.

  2. aah! wonderful compositions Lalit! really enjoyed them...and very aptly named, each one of them
    Feedback - Compose more of these :)
    I liked the album cover as well

  3. Lalit, many congratulations !!! :-) I just heard the first track now ! It's nice ! Will listen to others and get back with more detailed feedback later :-)

  4. @ Damodara:
    Really glad to know that the 'Village trail' struck a chord with you :)

  5. @ vinay:
    Thanks. I'd actually uninstalled the software after composing these as I thought I was getting too addicted! Looks like it time to get back ;)

  6. @ Karthik:
    Thank you. Honored to get any feedback from a virtuoso musician! :)

  7. Really nice Lalit..just came across this...liked all ur compositions..u seem to be a master of many trades :) Keep it up

  8. @ GeetS: Thanks!

    @ Mitrajita: Glad you liked it :)