Sunday, September 25, 2011

Long live Tiger

Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, popularly known as Tiger Pataudi, passed away a couple of days back. Although I never had the privilege to watch him play, I've read and heard enough about his folklore to know that he was a true legend of cricket. He'll always be remembered for the fearlessness and confidence he infused into Indian cricket. Here's an extract from that gives an idea of the man's stature.
Just a few months before he became India's captain, Pataudi had lost his right eye in a car accident. Where others saw one ball, reportedly he saw two, seven inches apart. He had to pick the right one - the inner image - if he were to get bat to ball. And did he do that with panache or what. Six hundreds, including a double hundred, and 16 fifties bear testimony to his grit.
Just tells that no handicap can stop you if you have the grit and courage to fight it.
Rest in peace, Tiger.


  1. Apparently, even his other eye was donated.

  2. @ Page3point14:
    Is it? That's something I didn't know of. Thanks for the information.