Friday, July 16, 2010

The life-giving river

Rivers spawn life. Many a mighty civilization thrived on the generous banks of great rivers. The immense role that the Ganges has played in the upkeep and proliferation of life in the Indo-Gangetic plains, is a case in point. The Ganges commands reverence and worship. Last month, when I had been to Uttarakhand, I was fortunate to witness one of the most soul touching experiences - The Ganga Aarti. A sea of humanity gathers at Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar every evening to worship the life-giving river. The force of the flow of water here can leave you staring at it in amazement. It's a picture of boundless beauty and prodigious power. Here are a few clicks from the venue.

Devotees starting to gather at Har Ki Pauri.

Cell phones have reached everywhere. They didn't spare the river. 
I would rather experience the river in solitude. 
But man has bonded himself in the name of connectivity.

 They all wait patiently as a 'guide' explains them 
about the religious significance of the place.

 The awe-inspiring Ganga Aarti.

 Behold the forceful flow of the Ganges.
 The Malviya Dvipa and Birla Tower at Har Ki Pauri.

It is at Haridwar that the Ganges leaves the pristine mountains and enters the plains. By the time it merges into the Bay of Bengal, sadly, it wears a dark and weary appearance. How long can a river carry the sins (read effluents) of a greedy and ungrateful civilization?


  1. Yeah, the evening aarti is really soulful. Nice pics.

  2. @ indisch: So you've also seen it.
    @ joshi daniel: You too have photos of it? Thanks for reading.

  3. thanks for commenting on my blog lalit!

    nice account of ur visit to Har ki paudi. I have never witnessed the Aarti, but am told its wonderful.

    and why comment icon on top of post? i almost thought there was no provision to comment here!


  4. @ Restless
    Thanks. I suggest you witness the Ganga Aarti whenever you get the chance! Useful feedback on the comment icon. But that's the way it was in the template I used. Gotta figure out how to change that.

  5. You can start new waves of sins now...;-)

  6. You captured it beautifully, both in words as well as in pictures.. Just beautiful..

  7. I've been to Haridwar many times and it has always been a soul fulfilling experience. Taking a dip in Ganga river or just sitting aside Har ki pauri haridwar tends to wash your stress away.