Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Mera Jahan' spoof

[The facade of the Centre for Electronics Design and Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore]

This song is dedicated to all those who have completed or are currently pursuing M.Tech at CEDT, IISc. It was performed at CEDT during Farewell-2008 and Potluck-2008. It is a spoof of the song "Mera Jahan" from the movie "Taare Zameen Par". The lyrics have been modified to cater to the M.Tech scenario at CEDT. Of course you are supposed to take it in a lighter vein :-)

The embedded 'video' here is actually an audio with a dummy slide. The actual video is available on YouTube courtesy Rachit.

Vocal (lead): Vinay
Guitar & Harmonica: Rachit
Chorus: Pranjal and Lalit
Lyrics: Vinay, Rachit, Pranjal, Lalit
[All artists belong to Batch of 2009 - M.Tech, CEDT]

A little sleep, for just an hour,
A pretty girl, not too far
All I need
All I need
All I need is to be free…

Kal raat main, Soyaa nahin
Parson bhi, Kahaan soyaa tha
Kaam rehta yahaan, every night, every morn
Safed baal, aankhen ho chaar
Kyon main aaya yahaan.

Oh ho ho ho….

Let me in without a shout,
Let me in I have a doubt,
There are more, many more,
Many many, many more like me...

Akela nahin main, Khuli aankhon se neend mein chalta,
Girta zyaada kam sambhaltaa (2)
Fir bhi na koi, shak na shubhaa,
Nikle fir se suraj jo dooba,
Usko bhi lagta hai yeh ajoobaa,
Main fir naa soyaa.

Oh ho ho ho…

Open eyed, how I run,
How I run to the other side
There I glide, like a bird
I just want to be…..

Karne ko sau reports diye hain,
Deadline hai kal kaa milaa, (2)
Save karna hi bas bacha thaa,
Aur PC
Hang ho gayaa.

Oh ho ho ho…

Mtech ke sem chaar,
Na aayenge baar baar,
Jeele Jeele, mere yaar,
Patjad ho, yaa bahaar,

Jee zindagi…


  1. hey, plz upload the audio also.
    or mayb even video on youtube.
    I don't have video.

  2. @ Anish:
    Hey, I've already uploaded the audio [in the form of a video with a dummy slide since Blogger allows upload of video files only]. You can play it at the top of this page. The original video is quite voluminous (more than 400MB!). Hence I couldn't upload that. How can I reduce the size of a video file? Any good softwares that do that without compromising on the audio quality?