Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fitness is an attitude

If you are a sportsman, be it professional or amateur, fitness - physical and mental - is of utmost importance. Here's a very pertinent quote from Paddy Upton, physical and mental conditioning coach of the Indian cricket team.
Fitness is an attitude. If you're training because somebody tells you to train, it's difficult. But if you're training because it's the right thing to do and you want to be disciplined, then it’s easier. Fitness is everything, from having energy to remaining injury-free, to being able to perform in an atmosphere of back-to-back one-day internationals... Some of the biggest mental challenges in a sport are getting injured, getting dropped, and when you have a low run of form. That’s when the individual’s character is really tested. There's a natural process you go through of disappointment and frustration, sometimes even wanting to give up.


  1. May be Paddy Upton should be on the field replacing few of our pot bellied lads!

  2. @ sidhantapatnaik
    You are right. Sadly so.

  3. true! You have to have that attitude to be, and more importantly remain, fit... requires dedication and also self-discipline

  4. @ Aashish Sood
    Thanks for reading. Very good point about maintaining a particular fitness level being more difficult than achieving that level.

  5. Hey Gad, i love the theme of your blog ! and you know what just this morning I had this enlightenment and coined my own saying... "Body is the temple of our inner soul... You have to take care of both !" Its in the same line of thought as this post... Howzzzaaatt??? :P Now guess who is this anonymous commentator !!!

  6. That's a sitter. Who else could call me "Gad" ;-)
    Good saying. Keep it written somewhere and soon you'll have a collection of them :-)