Thursday, September 16, 2010

What flower is this?

Many a time, I've come across a lovely flower and am left wondering what it's called. It's a bit like coming across a beautiful girl and not knowing her name. As one who has always been botanically challenged, I urge upon my knowledgeable readers to dispel my ignorance.

Do you know any of these flowers? All of them have been photographed inside the picturesque campus of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.


No.3: Belongs to the genus Zinnia which comes under the Asteraceae family (daisies) -- Answered by Igor Darwin and indisch
No.4: Ageratum houstonianum, commonly known as Floss Flower -- Answered by Igor Darwin
No.6: Daisies again -- Answered by indisch

Note: The genera (plural of genus) marigolds, chrysanthemums, dahlias, zinnias, and heleniums come under the Asteraceae family. So they are all daisies.


  1. "It's a bit like coming across a beautiful girl and not knowing her name." Ha hha... I liked the comparison.

  2. @ Kcalpesh
    A friend of mine captured them in IISc campus, Bangalore. All credit to him.

  3. @ doodlesandmusings
    Glad that you liked it :-)

  4. The purple bristly flower is Ageratum houstonianum, known commonly as Floss Flower. Number 3 most likely belongs to the genus Zinnia.
    Am not any expert, but just remember a few of them from our old garden! i think you'll love this website

  5. Guess 1 are bluebells, not sure though. Also 3 and 6 seem like daisies.

  6. @ Igor Darwin
    Thank you very much for the useful information. I've updated your answers at the bottom of the post. And yes the "Flowers of India" website is great! :-)

  7. @ indisch
    Thanks for the answers. Not sure about the bluebells though.

  8. so difficult to find their names isn't it :-)
    and they have so many varieties.. singles and doubles, and tons of colours!
    Here's what I found out
    1 - Torenia
    2 - don't know
    3 - Zinnia
    4 - Ageratum
    5 - Sweet William (Dianthus)
    6 - don't know
    7 - Celosia (Cockscomb)

  9. Thanks to Lalbagh flower show...they had flower names up.. very helpful!