Monday, September 20, 2010

'Friendship Tips' from China

A humble Chinese make LED lamp can give you much more than mere light. Yes, here's some really enlightening "friendship tips" printed on the box.

[Photo courtesy: Abhijit K]
Friendship Tips
AC: When the light bulb to use AC directly
DC: DC calls automatically recharge when power light bulb
Jokes apart, the product does a decent job of lighting up a room much like an emergency lamp does during power failures - not as bright as a fluorescent lamp but good enough to keep you from colliding against furniture in the room.


  1. Wtf do these tips mean??

  2. @ indisch:
    I hope their intention was to say that there are two modes of operation of the lamp - AC and DC - selected using a toggle switch. The first is to be used to power the lamp from the ac mains and the second to power it from the internal battery. Since these tips let you know your product better, it probably makes you 'friendly' with it :-)