Saturday, October 2, 2010

Short Film - Stolen Dreams

Most of us are used to watching movies that are anything between 80 and 180 minutes long. Boasting of big production houses and accomplished artists, they steal all the lime-light. Then there is the world of short films that's of interest mostly for the film connoisseurs and screened to a limited audience in film festivals.  Many such films carry a terse yet impressive message. Through a creative and imaginative portrayal of a mundane matter or a burning issue, they can leave an indelible mark in your minds.

One of my friends, Adarsh B Hegde, has made a debut short film under the banner of the production house 'Talking Cherry' that he co-owns with his friend Abhijit Jayanthi. The name of the movie is "Stolen Dreams". It depicts the story of a poor football crazy kid. It's a Kannada film with English subtitles. Here's the trailer of the thirty-minute film. 

Check out the performance of the child actor Nishant who has already acted in some serials and is studying acting since childhood. The thrilling back ground music is composed by Arya. For now, Adarsh is targeting a screening at the Goa film festival. He's also on the look out for other international film festivals having themes into which his film can fit in. Taking time out from a full-time job, it took him almost one and half years to complete the movie. "Another major reason for taking this much time is that I had to push the people very hard to get the quality I needed", says Adarsh. I wish him all success!